I’d like to share with you about the time my cousin reached out to me for a favor.

  It happened earlier this year in March,when the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic went out of control in the U.S.My cousin,who has been living and working in New York city for almost 10 years was unable to come back home due to some work matters.

  There was a day I received a facetime call from her,while over the phone she asked me to send her face masks,as what she described in the call,at the moment she was unable to buy enough face masks to protect herself from the Covid-19,either the face masks or surgical masks were almost sold out in most pharmacies,what’s worse,the price of face masks from some online stores was ridiculously going up through the roof.

  Hearing about her situation,I felt like being on pins and needles,I couldn’t imagine her going out to work or commute without wearing a face mask,given the fact that how serious the virus could get people sick.

  So,after the call,I began to look for resources of face masks as many as possible everywhere,at first,I tried to make some online orders,but the masks were controlled items,I couldn’t get enough of them.Luckily,later through a friend who happened to know someone who worked in a mask manufacturing company,I successfully made an order of 100 face masks in total.Finally,I contacted the DHL express and sent the whole package of masks to my cousin’s address in New York.

  Thank god,it was a relief,I felt pleased that I was able to help my cousin out,after all,family should always stick together no matter what.



  Reach out to联系

  Surgical masks医用口罩

  Going up through the roof飞涨

  Be on pins and needles坐立不安,如坐针毡

  Make online orders网购

  Controlled items限购物品




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