I’d like to talk about a time when I got in touch with my old friend Rong. We studied for three years together in London. After graduating from college, we went back to China and worked in different cities. I haven’t seen her since then. Last Friday, she took a business trip to Shanghai, and we finally got the chance to hang out together.

  We had dinner at a famous Singapore restaurant. It’s on the fifth floor of a fancy shopping mall, which is located near Jinan Temple. It’s famous for its authentic flavor and thoughtful service. Every night people wait in line to get their tables. We made a reservation a day in advance to avoid queuing.

  We spent some time catching up on each other, sharing our recent stories and gossiping our old classmates. Besides, she told me that she was planning her wedding and invited me to be her bridesmaid. I was over the moon when she told me this good news. She told me how she met this Mr Right., and shared their love stories.

  I really enjoyed the dinner with my old friend. The topics were different from the ones we talked about in undergraduate days, but I still enjoyed being with her. When we talked about those funny things that happened in London, those memories all flooded back to us. We had the time of our lives that day. I look forward to her wedding and expect to meet more old friends on the big day.


  -hang out闲逛

  -authentic flavor原滋原味

  -thoughtful service体贴的服务

  -wait in line排队等候

  -catch up 了解近况;叙旧

  -over the moon 非常高兴;狂喜

  -flood back涌上心头

  -time of our lives 生命中的美好时光

  -big day 大喜的日子;重要的日子




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